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Celebrating the Russian revolution

Saturday 7 October 2017

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The centenary of the Russian revolution has been proclaimed in many different ways, throughout the year and particularly as we mark the actual anniversary. Supporters of International Viewpoint are participating in and organising events in their own countries. The IIRE and Resistance Books have published a book which can be bought here or here. International Viewpoint is publishing a substantial series on the Russian Revolution and debt by Eric Toussaint.

New York based supporter Steve Bloom, who is a poet as well as an activist, has written a poem to celebrate and interrogate the occasion. International Viewpoint is one of a series of websites across the globe to participate in launching the work today. Websites in the USA, Britain, Sweden, Mauritius, Australia, India, South Africa, and Namibia are part of that process.

Lalit in Mauritius is translating “One Hundred Years” into Mauritian Kreol and organizing a reading in that language on October 8. There will also be a reading and book signing in New York City on November 12. [2]. The poem will be published in book form later in the month, and International Viewpoint will publish a review of the work at that time.


[1First Part here .

[2Commemorating the Centenary of October 1917
Sunday, November 12, 2 pm
Commons Café
388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn
A benefit for The Indypendent

1) World premier reading and book signing: “One Hundred Years,” epic poem about the Russian revolution by Steve Bloom. For more information contact: Steve Bloom (steve@stevebloompoetry.net)

2) Character Pageant, a participatory event: In the words of those who lived through the revolution.
For more information contact: Ann Schneider (schneider.nlg@gmail.com)
Sponsored by: The Indypendent, Radical Poets, SteveBloomPoetry.net