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A successful first step of the defense campaign – Supreme Court decision adjourned

Saturday 10 June 2017

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Update 9th June 2017: Release Baba Jan! An International Appeal to the Pakistani and Gilgit-Baltistan Governments

The Baba Jan International appeal has been signed by 533 left wing political activists, trade unionist, social activists, Members of parliaments, professors, scientists, academics, Noble award winners, social organizations and movements from 53 countries. That include, Spain, Spanish estate, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Japan, Morocco, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Kashmir, Mexico, Philippines, Egypt, India, Venezuela, Australia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Poland, USA, Greece, Brazil, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Canada, Nepal, Argentina, Tunis, Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Syria, Netherlands, Malaysia, Hungry, Sweden, Japan, Colombia, Chic Republic, Oman, Mauritania, Mozambique, Slovenia, Portugal, Serbia, Germany, Denmark, Algeria, Austria, Romania and Croatia.

20 Parliamentarians from France, Greece, Spain, European parliament, Tunis, Malaysia, Denmark, Netherlands and Portugal habe also signed the petition and demands release of Baba Jan.

Also Prominent international personalities including Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize, Argentina, Noam Chomsky, Professor (retired), MIT, Cambridge MA, United State, Ken Loach, film maker, UK, Samir Amin, economist, Egypt, Gilbert Achcar, Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University, UK, Francisco Louça, economist, Lisboa University, Portugal, Roger Silverman, Newham Momentum, UK, Eric Toussaint, spokesperson, CADTM-International, Philippe Poutou, NPA candidate, presidential election 2017, France, Salima Hashmi, Artist educator, Pakistan, Alex Bainbridge and Susan Price, National Co-Conveners, Socialist Alliance, Australia, Miguel Urbán, president of the Podemos group in the European Parliament and secretary for Europe of Podemos, Spain, Brian Ashley, South Africa, Sadet Karabulut, Socialist Party, Member of the Parliament, The Netherlands, Hernan Castillo, Secretario General de Trabajadores Cereales, Grupo POLAR, Venezuela, Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj, Member of Parliament, Malaysia, Penelope Duggan, Editor, International Viewpoint, Erica Burman, Professor of Education, University of Manchster, UK, Andrej Hunko, MP, Die Linke, Member of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, Germany, Luciana Genro, Dirigente Nacional do PSOL, Brazil and Joan Collins TD, member of Irish Dail, Ireland