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World Social Forum

The Fourth International at Porto Alegre

Monday 15 April 2002

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Numerous members of sections or organizations with links to the Fourth International participated actively in the Forum in Porto Alegre.

During the Forum, the Brazilian comrades organized a presentation of the book A estrela necessaria by Raul Ponte, former mayor of Porto Alegre and main representative of the Socialist Democracy current in the PT.

A gathering of 600-700 people was addressed by Daniel Ben Said, Michael Loewy, Miguel Rossetto, Lucio Costa (from the DS in Porto Alegre) and Livio Maitan.

After the closure of the Forum a second meeting took place with a similar attendance, with the aim of drawing a preliminary balance sheet and developing lines of orientation and activity designed to enlarge and strengthen the Forum.

Christophe Aguiton, Hugo Blanco, Chico Vicente (secretary of the PT in Rio Grande do Sul), Flavia D’Angeli, Daniel Ben Said and Livio Maitan spoke.