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We are leaving Marea Socialista and we will no longer call ourselves Marea Socialista-Original Line

Thursday 4 August 2016

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For almost 10 years we have shared the same road with the comrades who today make up the organization known as Marea Socialista, and the dream of the Socialist, Chavista, Bolivarian Revolution. We were loyal to Chavez and his legacy, and for that reason we didn’t hesitate to raise our critical voice against everything that we considered wrong. We always looked to the working class and the students to organize together with them a big national current, first inside the PSUV and then outside it.

These were many hours, days and nights, of frank and endless discussion but also of revolutionary action in the factories and universities. On many things we agreed, on others we had doubts, but that is how we grew. Of the comrades who today remain with the name Marea Socialista, only one was present at that meeting where we first set sail, one Sunday a decade ago, in a classroom of the Bolivarian University in Los Chaguaramos, Caracas.

Over the years we made many proposals and undertook many initiatives, often swimming against the current that brought others towards us. We made mistakes, but on balance we got things right. When we thought it necessary and we were sure of our position, we didn’t hesitate to counter and confront whoever we had to.

We always acted with transparency, respect and good manners towards those who agreed with us, and especially to those who did not. We started from scratch, made ourselves well known, and from being few we became many.

But the fact is it is now time to part ways. For the last 9 months, we have had to sign statements and make proposals in the name of Marea Socialista-Original Line, because we began to have differences with those comrades who now remain with the name of the organization.

We hoped they would correct their policy of breaking with the Bolivarian process. Unfortunately, this has not happened but on the contrary, has deepened. That is why we have decided to separate definitively from Marea Socialista. Again we will look to the workers, the students, the peasants, artists and intellectuals, to the humble people of the barrios, to learn together and build together a revolutionary organization that fights for the revolutionary deepening of the Bolivarian process, that is, for socialism.

We are now opening a process of consultation with our members and friends to choose a name that represents what we are and what we want to be. We will announce it soon. The ongoing publication of our theses feeds into this dynamic. By unanimous decision of our members we decided to interrupt their publication to release this declaration and thereby clarify doubts and make clear where we are. In the coming days we will continue to publish our founding theses.

In Marea Socialista we leave behind many of our brothers and sisters in struggle over many decades. We value and respect them, and we hope the class struggle will once again bring together our hands, our dreams and our perspectives.

Stalin Pérez Borges, Christian Pereira, Vilma Vivas, Ismael Hernandez, Jesus Antonio Borges and Norman Antonio Boscan