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Left Bloc Deputies

Monday 15 April 2002

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Francisco Louca (‘Chico’, leader of the PSR, Portuguese section of the Fourth International) and Luis Fazenda (secretary general of the UDP, ex-Maoist; see IV 317-8, January 2000) were re-elected to the Portuguese parliament as Left Bloc deputies. They have represented the Bloc in the assembly for the past two years. Now, they are joined by Joao Teixeira Lopes, aged 33, a university teacher from Oporto and a former CP sympathizer.

Francisco ‘Chico’ Louca

Since 1999 the Bloc has adopted a policy of rotating mandates for its 2 parliamentary deputies, according to circumstances and the subjects of parliamentary debate. This allowed two other Bloc supporters, Helena Neves and Fernando Rosas, to intervene at the parliamentary level (Rosas headed the Bloc list for Setubal at this election, missing election by just over a thousand votes).

Rotation will continue in the new parliament, with the alternatives being Miguel Portas (a leader of Politica XXI, one of the founding components of the Bloc and a candidate in Lisbon at these elections), Ana Drago (a young sociologist who was also a candidate in Lisbon) or Alda Sousa (a leader of the PSR, member of the International Executive Committee of the Fourth International and the second candidate for the Bloc in Oporto).