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Struggle of Okara peasants led by women continues

Monday 23 May 2016

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On May 20 Anjuman Muzareen Punjab led out a women’s rally from AWP Lahore office against state continued oppression, for land reforms and release of their leaders.

Police repression not only takes place in Okara but in Punjab. Police followed the activists in Lahore and kept the Awami Worker’s Party office , where they were gathering under siege for hours. They tried to convince the protestors to call of the protest but they refused.

Finally, after AWP General Secretary Farooq Tariq’s negotiation with police, the AWP and women Mazareen managed to take out the rally.

Despite being surrounded by heavy police numbers armed with riot gear, the mazareen took out a huge rally demanding their rights and protesting against the actions of local police who had arrested 60 peasants (50 women and 10 men) on that day alone.

The repression is continuing - 3 vans of women were arrested returning to Okara after the successful march and rally. Solidarity is needed.

All power and wealth to the people!