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Solidarity with anti-eviction protestors in Islamabad

Friday 31 July 2015

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Islamabad’s development authority announced plans to remove katchi abadis, or low-income housing camps, across the city earlier this month and succeeded in obtaining a court judgement saying the settlements were illegal.

Demolitions started on Wednesday 22 July and have been met with mass peaceful resistance. Placards say Housing schemes for the rich, evictions for the poor?” and No eviction without resettlement”.

The police have been using tear gas to bring in the bulldozers. Dozens have been injured and a six day old baby has died as a results. Those arrested for defending the community are being charged under anti-terror laws.

The Awami Workers Party point out that article 38 of the constitution which supposedly guarantees every citizens right to shelter is being breached here.

See #StopEvictions on Twitter and on Facebook for more information