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14th Congress of the PSR

Sunday 30 January 2005

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The PSR (Revolutionary Socialist Party, Portuguese section of the Fourth International), at its congress held on 11 and 12 December, 2004, decided to transform itself into a political association, in the context of its active participation in the Left Bloc (BE) over the last five years.

The PSR has been able to draw a positive balance sheet of these five years, in terms of the taking into account by the BE of many programmatic objectives previously defended by Trotskyism. That said, it’s not a question of being arrogant or triumphalist, inasmuch as these objectives have been taken up at a higher level.

Although for several decades the PSR stubbornly conducted propaganda on the themes of the Transitional Programme and on the results of subsequent programmatic developments, it rarely managed to go beyond this elementary stage of political action and never succeeded, on its own, in having an influence on political life as the BE now does.

Some examples are the recent campaign for the decriminalisation of abortion and the current campaign for the abolition of banking secrecy, temporarily interrupted because of the governmental crisis and the coming elections.

The congress therefore took the decision to change the party into an association, thus adjusting the intervention of the section of the International to the changed conditions, with the intention of putting this intervention on a more solid and realistic basis.

The documents adopted also respond to various highly topical political and organisational questions, for example in rejecting “ministerialist” temptations and in reaffirming the validity of democratic centralism as the principle guiding the internal functioning of the association.