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Zimmerwald 2014: “Stop the War in Ukraine!”

Thursday 23 April 2015

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A gathering of leftist activists from Ukraine, Russia, and Belorussia that took place in Minks, June 7-8, issued the following resolution:

We, the participants of the meeting of activists from left and Marxist groups and organizations from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, believe that ceasing the civil war in Ukraine is necessary. The military conflict that followed the victory of the neo-liberals and nationalists at Kiev “euromaidan” claimed hundreds of lives and contributed to an unprecedented growth of chauvinism and xenophobia in Ukrainian and Russian society. This war allows the ruling class to consolidate Ukrainian society around their political regime, distracting workers of the Western and Eastern parts of the country from struggle for their social and political rights, and pushing them together to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie. Russian government, the European Union and the United States use the civil war in Ukraine for the same purpose: dying Donbass people are just pawns in their competition.

We express our solidarity to all participants of the Ukrainian left-wing movements that fight against war, nationalism and xenophobia. We consider it necessary to provide them all possible information, political and material support. We oppose the pressure and reprisals by all participants of the conflict, massacres, torture and abductions against Ukrainian leftists, anti-fascists and all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of their political views. We oppose the political persecution in the Crimea as well.

To stop the war is the primary task for all democratic left movements, regardless of their disagreement in various points of political agenda. So, we believe it is necessary to coordinate the efforts of all the opponents of the war in Ukraine, forming a massive and influential anti-war movement.

Our requirements are:

We urge the government of Ukraine to immediately turn “anti-terrorist operation” down, withdraw troops from the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and conclude a truce with DPR and LPR militia.
We urge all the parties of the conflict to endorse a peace agreement for complete cessation of hostilities, to release all political prisoners and prisoners of war, and to disband armed groups.
We urge the Ukrainian government to dissolve the regular armed forces, consisting of involuntary mobilized soldiers, whose families are now organizing protests in various regions of Ukraine.
We demand from Russia, the EU and the U.S. to completely stop interfering in Ukrainian conflict, and not to support the participants.
We demand to cease chauvinist campaign in Ukrainian and Russian media, which are amongst the main instigators of war due to using the hate speech.
We demand the adoption of a new Constitution of Ukraine, the elections to the authorities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, real right to self-determination and self-government for Donbass and all regions of Ukraine.
We believe that informational and organizational consolidation of leftist groups in the former Soviet space is a necessary condition for the formation of the anti-war movement. To this end, we are initiating joint development of “Red Cross” initiative in order to help the left activists and conscientious objectors to military service, and establishing of an information network for left and marxist groups in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
Participants of the meeting:

Volodymyr Ishchenko, Commons: Journal of Social Criticism, Ukraine

Andrey Manchuk, editor-in-chief of LIVA.com.ua journal, “Borotba (Struggle)” union, Ukraine

Ivan Ovsyannikov, member of the Central Committee of Russian Socialist Movement, Russia

Taras Salamanyuk, Commons: Journal of Social Criticism, Ukraine

Sergey Solovyov, editor-in-chief of journal of science and social criticism “Scepsis”, Russia

Rustam Sadykov, journal of science and social criticism “Scepsis”, Russia

Sergey Kozlovsky, member of the Central Committee of Russian Socialist Movement, Russia

Dmitry Subbotin, journal of science and social criticism “Scepsis”, Russia

Georgy Komarov, Worker’s platform of Russian Socialist Movement, Russia

Mikhail Piskunov, Russian Socialist Movement, Russia

Artyom Kirpichyonok, International Marxist Tendency, Russia

Alexander Ivanov, Russian Socialist Movement, Russia

Tatyana Tchizhova, “Prasvet” web-journal, Belarus

Dmitry Isayonok, “Prasvet” web-journal, Belarus

Denis Denisov, “Left opposition”, Russian Socialist Movement, Ukraine/Russia

Lyudmila Barkova, Russia

Sergey Odarytch, LIVA.com.ua journal, Ukraine

Ilya Znamensky, Russia

Elena Kuzmyonok, Belarus

Anton Barkhatkov, “Prasvet” web-journal, Belarus

Ekaterina Ruskevitch, Belarus

Sergey Danilovitch, Belarus

Alexander Oparin, left.by, Belarus

Yury Glushakov, member of the Organizing committee of «?????!
(Together!)» Belarusian social movement

LeftEast 12 June 2014