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Polish miners appeal

Monday 16 February 2015

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No to shooting workers!

No to using state institutions against protesters!

On February 12 the court decided that the strike of several thousand of miners from Jastrz?bska Spó?ka W?glowa (Jastrz?bie Mining Company) in southern Poland is illegal. On the same day in the city of Jastrz?bie-Zdrój wives and children of the miners organised a demonstration in support of the husbands and fathers.

The goverment is doing everthing it can to break the 16-day protest. They sent special police units miners which tried to break the protest with extreme brutality, without any justification, using smoothbore guns, water cannons and tear gas. More than 20 miners have been injured, some of them hard. At the same time prosecutors conduct proceedings against the organizers of the protest, threatening their with financial consequences for the money the company lost because of the protest. Among them is Krzysztof ?ab?d?, a trade unionist, repeatedly victimized for his work, one of the leaders of the strike in the coal mine "Budryk" 7 years ago.

The striking miners are demanding the dismissal of the president of the company Jaros?aw Zagórski, whose rule led to the collapse. The government, despite the fact that holds more than half the shares in the company, does not intend to resign. Miners and their families are determined. They are defending their jobs, but also the right of all Polish workers to protest.

We appeal to the trade unions, civil society organizations from across Europe to support our fight and to send letters of support. Only international solidarity, as in the case of Greece, can break the dictates of the ruling neo-liberals. Only together can we face up to their antisocial offensive in Europe.

Bogus?aw Zi?tek

President of Free Trade Union "August 80"

13 February 2015

Letters of support can be send at: >> darekzal74@gmail.com