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Solidarity with Franco Turigliatto

Monday 20 October 2014

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Six years later, condemnation of then Sentor Franco Turigliatto for walking out of television studio in protest at the presence of fascist party leader.

Franco Turigliatto, ex member of the Italian Senate, now one of the prominent leaders of Anticapitalist Left (Sinistra Anticapitalista), has been put on trial because in the course of the national political campaign of 2008 walked out of Porta a Porta studio to protest the presence of Roberto Fiore, member of Forza Nuova (‘New Force’), a political party taking its inspiration from Italy’s fascist era and being part of the reactionary wave that is now flooding all across Europe, from France to Greece, from Hungary to Ukraine.

The leader of this far-right political force did not like the political considerations expressed by Turigliatto and his party, making appeal to the Italian Constitution which prohibit the apologia of fascism and the rebuidling of any such parties that take inspiration from those violent and xenophobic political practices.

Six years on, by a decree issued by Rome’s public prosecutor’s office, a judge has condemned Turigliatto for slander, without Franco even knowing about being reported, sentencing him to a financial penalty that is politically unacceptable. Franco has made a stand against the conviction and on 4th of November public trial is finally scheduled to commence. We are unreservedly with Franco and with all those who, in Italy and Europe, fight against the aggressive rise of the far-right. You can’t put antifascism on trial, that is inscribed oin the Italian Constitution.

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