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Hong Kong

Statement from 4 orgnisations in Hong Kong calling for tactical retreat to one area.

Saturday 4 October 2014

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“We severely condemn the government’s conniving with fascist thugs to attack the occupation of the people.”

Appeal to the Occupation to protect Admiralty first and retreat from other occupation places.

Today Hong Kong’s rule of law and basic human rights were totally violated. In Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and Tsim Tsa Tsui fascist thugs and gangs to different extents attacked the peaceful occupiers, resulting in hundreds of injuries. We condemn this most severely. A variety of circumstantial evidence points to the conclusion that Beijing is the biggest suspect behind these thugs and gangs. Sadly our government not only made no effort to protect the Hong Kong people but instead let them violently attack the peaceful occupiers. These thugs and gangsters were clearly well prepared in advance, and this being the case, the government must have known. They knew but did not effectively do anything to arrest the attackers and protect the citizens, and were in fact relying on these gangs services to fight against the pro-democracy movement. This situation only makes the actions of the occupy movement even more legitimate and urgent– only with the realization of democracy can the rule of law be guaranteed.

In this situation of government connivance in such a brutal attack, in order to avoid greater losses and to minimize the impact on innocent people, we call on the occupiers to evacuate the other areas and to focus on Admiralty. At the same time, the Admiralty occupied area should not be expanded but existing positions should be held. This space more than a week ago had already began to become a space genuinely belonging to the people. But we must also understand that the fight against despotism requires long term struggle. Apart from trying to win victories by expanding, the movement also needs to pay attention to retaining its strength and in particularly should avoid providing the CY Leung regime with an excuse to implement martial law and for a comprehensive crackdown.

This umbrella democratic movement’s development has been so magnificent. The participants have shown such amazing civic solidarity. The Hong Kong people have shown both their eagerness to make their own decisions and that they have the ability to do this. We do not want the elite class to decide everything! We want democracy and autonomy! We want genuine universal suffrage!

Regardless of the final outcome of the movement, the emergence of the movement itself is already a great achievement because it represents the awakening of democracy in Hong Kong. This guarantees that democracy will triumph.

Bring the thugs to justice! CY Leung Step down! Implement genuine universal suffrage, genuine democracy! Civic nominations!

The NPC should withdraw its decision on reform!

Long live democracy! Long live the people!

3 October 2014

Neighborhood and Workers Service Centre

Link of Social Democrats

Globalization Monitor