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Stop the Russo-Ukraine War

Statement by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK)

Wednesday 3 September 2014

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[This statement was issued by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (UK) [1] on 24 August 2014.]

Pro-Russian para-militaries are surrounded in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk but peace in Ukraine is far from certain, the remaining inhabitants are in a perilous position. Since April more than 1,543 military and civilians have been killed, some 4,396 confirmed wounded, across Ukraine there are up to 400,000 internally displaced persons.

The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (USC) declares its solidarity with the Ukrainian labour movement that stands for unity and all efforts to reinstate peace. USC supports the anti-war movement in Russia and demands the release of all political prisoners and an end to the repression in Russia.

To stop the war USC campaigns for the following as path to for independence, peace and democracy:

 for the self-determination Ukraine as a whole, free from the intrigues and corporate business-interests of Russia and the western powers

 for an immediate ceasefire by all opposing armed forces, including irregular forces,

 for the deployment of neutral observers to monitor ceasefire lines, and the opening of humanitarian corridors supervised by bodies such as the Red Cross

 for the immediate withdrawal of Russian and pro-Russian para-military forces from Ukraine,

 military personnel and civilians detained as a result of the hostilities to be either exchanged or released under the supervision of the Red Cross.

 the creation of a wide demilitarized zone around Ukraine’s borders.

 return to barracks of the Ukrainian armed forces, disbandment and of removal of radical nationalist organisations from positions in the Government of Ukraine, the Armed Forces and the interior ministry organs.

 the restoration of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea with a democratic referendum on the status of Crimea.

 a leading role for trade unions and community organisations, independent of oligarchs and ofradical nationalists, in sustaining peace in Donbas

 for an independent inquiry into the violence and killings at the Kyiv and the Odessa trade union buildings, those responsible for war crimes and extra-judicial killings be brought to justice.

 creation of an all-Ukraine system of autonomous, local self-government and abolition of regional governors

 for a neutral Ukraine, cessation of NATO involvement in Ukraine, repeal Yanukovych’s program of cooperation with NATO

 the restoration of the Budapest Treaty and recognition of Ukraine as a united, nuclear free, neutral state.

 For the cancellation of all IMF and EU debt and payment of reparations by Russia for the reconstruction of Donbas.

USC calls for full solidarity with the Ukrainian labour movement, and not those who would seek to divide workers to serve the vested interests of rival powers.

We oppose the attempt of Russian imperialism to dominate Ukraine, just as we oppose the efforts of Western and American imperialism to do the same thing.


[1Mission statement of the campaign: The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign seeks to organise solidarity and provide information in support of Ukrainian socialists and trade unionists, campaigning for working class, and democratic rights, against imperialist intervention and national chauvinism. It seeks to co-ordinate socialist and labour movement organisations who agree on this task, regardless of differences and opinions on other questions.
Basic aims are:

• to support and build direct links with the independent socialists and the labour movement in Ukraine.

• to support the right of the Ukrainian people to determine their own future free from external intervention from Russian or Western imperialism.

Its site seems currently unavailable but it can be found on Facebook.