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Supporting the Palestinian people is legitimate; the government will not silence us!

Thursday 31 July 2014

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This morning our comrade Alain Pojolat, who had filed on behalf of all the organizers, including the NPA, the declaration to the prefecture of the demonstrations which were subsequently banned, was charged and will appear before the Paris District Court on October 22, 2014.

The Israeli offensive has already caused more than 1,100 deaths, mostly civilians and many of them children, and more than 6,000 people have been injured. The "open air prison" that was Gaza has been turned into rubble, leading to demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people all over the world, including in Tel Aviv. For the Hollande-Valls government the urgent task is not to make every effort to stop the massacre, but to attempt to prohibit demonstrations in Paris, to criminalize the solidarity movement and thus to affirm its support for the criminal policy of the State of Israel.

The NPA is proud to take responsibility for its participation in the two demonstrations on 19 and 26 July, which despite being banned mobilized thousands of people to denounce the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and the alignment of the French government on the extreme right-wing government of Netanyahu.

The NPA calls on all democratic forces, associations, unions, parties and all those who are committed to freedom of expression to react against this attempt at intimidation. That begins by a massive response to the call to demonstrate on Saturday, August 2 in Paris: still determined to voice our solidarity with the Palestinian people, to demand an end to the offensive and the lifting of the blockade of Gaza.

July 29