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Hebron Left condemns PA suppression of West Bank protests

Wednesday 30 July 2014

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The leftist forces in the Palestinian city of Hebron hereby express their strong disapproval of the Palestinian security forces’ halting of a peaceful demonstration organised last Saturday in the city of Hebron, and their attack of the demonstration participants.

Palestinian forces from the security services, special police and national security halted a peaceful mass demonstration which began at Hebron’s Al-Hussein mosque in solidarity with our people in the Gaza Strip and in support of the resistance. The various Palestinian Authority security units worked to surround the demonstration, prompting protesters to alter their route several times to avoid collision with a large number of security forces. Unfortunately, the security forces were intent on interrupting the demonstration. They chased and attacked protesters whilst using tear gas and stun grenades, which caused injury to several persons, including national political cadres and human rights activists from gas asphyxiation. Other protesters were detained and arrested.

We express our strong disapproval of these attacks, which have occurred on several occassions against peaceful gatherings and national activities of our people in all the Palestinian territories. We consider these attacks to constitute a violation of direct public freedoms and the rule of law, in complete contradiction with the rights and feelings of our people, especially since these attacks coincide with the escalating military aggression and continued offensive by the Israeli occupation forces against our people, and especially in light of the massacres committed against the Gaza Strip.

Accordingly we call on the Palestinian National Authority at all levels to desist from such practices, to investigate this serious incident and to hold all those who participated in this attack and previous similar attacks similar in many provinces of Palestine, responsible.

We furthermore confirm our denouncement of throwing stoning at the security forces or the exercise of any personal abuse them. We demand a commitment to peaceful protest and against those practices against the security forces which open their right to litigation.

As we reaffirm the need to strengthen our national unity at all levels, we expect the Palestinian security forces to provide full-time protection for all of our people’s potential, to protect the security of all citizens and to facilitate their daily lives.

Issued on 22 July 2014 by the Palestinian People’s Party, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

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