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Four months after our establishment

A statement of the People’s Liberation Faction, Revolutionary Left Current in Syria

Thursday 24 July 2014

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Since the announcement of the establishment of the People’s Liberation Faction four months ago, which defends the program of the popular revolution for the liberation and emancipation of the Syrian people, of all Syrians, from all kinds of tyrannies and for equality and social justice, in order to defend itself and for the protection of the masses, which we embrace and we defend its right to exercise their freedom and mobilisation in all its liberty and from below. Therefore we were not, and we are not, at odd or separate of the masses, because the activists of the People’s Liberation Faction are themselves from the masses. We were, despite our modest capacities and the absence of any full support of anyone, able to maintain the spirit of the popular revolution in areas in which we are present to oppose the brutality and oppression of the authoritarian regime’s killing machine and also to oppose the reactionary forces of the counter-revolution, foremost Daech and similar organizations.


We therefore defended and defend our people in the areas in which we are present, regardless of their religious and ethic affiliation. We particularly condemn in this regard the reactionary attacks on Kurdish villages and towns and sectarian attacks. Just as we also did not bow in front the advance of the reactionary counter-revolution forces, whether in front the advance of the regime forces on one hand or of Daech forces and its sister organisations on the other hand. Despite the harsh conditions in which we live and the decline of the remarkable popular and the revolutionary movement, we are, however, working and struggling among our popular masses who are still struggling for their emancipation. The flames of the popular revolution are still burning and are still not extinguished. On the opposite we bet on the advancement and progress of a larger and of a nearby popular movement.


We have learned the experience that the revolutions taking place in the countries of the region have a mutual influence on each other, and we have seen that our popular revolution in this process requires regional and international solidarity and cooperation between the revolutionary forces, just as we have stated before that the liberation of Palestine, the Golan and all the occupied Arab territories are at the heart of the objectives and tasks of the current revolutions. The Zionist State allied to the authoritarian and corrupt Arab leaders are the sworn enemy of the liberation of the peoples of our countries.

We, within Syrian popular revolution that is facing the Assad authoritarian regime, which is killing its own people as it has killed the Palestinian people in Syria and Lebanon. express our full solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people in the face of this new aggression of the Zionist killing and destructing machine. This Zionist aggression, which enjoys. as usual, the miserable support and shameful collaboration of the Arab regimes. is the reasons we once more confirm the fact and truth that the Liberation of Palestine also passes through the liberation of Damascus and of all the other Arab capitals throughout the whole region.

Our struggle is common, and our enemies are complicit partners

Viva the struggle of the Palestinian people. Viva an eternal free Palestine

Viva the Syrian popular revolution

We are always with the struggle of the masses for their freedom and emancipation

July 20, 2014