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European elections: The FN in the lead, PS and UMP rejected, an alternative still has to be built.

Sunday 25 May 2014

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This statement by the NPA was issued on the evening of 25 May 2014, when the overall results were predicted, giving the National Front 25% nationally, and placing it first in at least of five of the seven constituencies in metropolitan France. The same exit polls gave the traditional right UMP around 20%, the centre right 10% and the ruling Socialist Party 14%.

These European elections have been marked in France by a new electoral victory of the National Front. This expresses the social despair of most working people and the political crisis generated by the same policies implemented by successive governments. Not only can the FN not represent a solution but on the contrary its political weight will still worsen the crisis.

After the municipal elections, these results confirm the defeat of the Socialist Party thus making it pay the price for its pro-bosses policy over the last two years. Through massive abstention or a vote for the right and the far right – which won the most votes, –the voters have condemned this policy. In most countries in Europe there has been a similar punishment of the governments that implemented the diktats of the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF against the workers and the people. It sanctions also antidemocratic, capitalist Europe and distant from the concerns of the most people in Europe.

Faced with this situation, where the left is at its lowest, it is urgent that the wage-earners, the organizations of the social and political left take renew their mobilizations to fight pro-employer policies and the rise of the far right which are the result, and to offer a total alternative to this society.

Montreuil 25 May 2014