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After 3 months of strike, Hauts-de-Seine postal workers need a maximum of support

Wednesday 14 May 2014

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This is the text of a petition from the striking postal workers.

The postal workers of Rueil-Malmaison, La Garenne-Colombes/Bois-Colombes, Gennevilliers, Courbevoie and other mail distribution centers in the Hauts-de-Seine (a department in the west of the Paris region have been on strike since January 29th. The struggle started from the demand to hire the casualized postal workers of Rueil-Malmaison with proper contracts : 87 per cent of the postal workers of this office mobilized to defend the right for their coworkers to continue working with them. Facing the La Poste leadership’s refusal to make concessions, the struggle spread out, and what is at stake today is also the struggle against job cuts in the various postal centers affected by the strike. The movement has had an impact in other sectors in La Poste and beyond the borders of the Hauts-de-Seine.

After taking more than 2 months to accept negotiations, today La Poste refuses stubbornly to discuss seriously a compromise with the strikers and tries to exhaust them by having the discussions last as long as possible. Instead of choosing the way of discussion and taking into account the postal workers’ demands, the leadership threatens 5 local union representatives (SUD Activités Postales 92) with lay offs.

The length of the struggle and the strikers’ determination give a symbolic value to the struggle. Moreover, Rueil is one of the only post offices in the country that has not suffered any restructuring since 1999 and has maintained certain social rights.

We express our support to the postal workers of the 92 area on strike. We ask that their demands be heard and that all charges (lay off procedures, summons to the police station...) against them and their union representatives be dropped.

Please sign the petition.