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Practical solidarity needed after March 8 attack

Wednesday 12 March 2014

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We reported here Far right attack on feminists about the horrendous attack by fascists on the International Women’s Day in Malmo, Sweden.
Five days later one of those who was attacked remains in a coma in hospital. We reprint here an appeal from his supporters.The seriously injured 25 year old, Showan, is a leading figure in the fight against racism and homophobia in the football world, a trade unionist and devoted supporter of Malmö FF.

Support Showan!

Many have wondered what they could do to help.

Now there is an opportunity to contribute financially to Showan and his family.

Showan has, even though he is in the hospital, still rent and bills to be paid and his family have had major expenses over the past few days.
When Showan wakes up, he should not have to think about the economic part, but completely focus on his recovery.

The whole family is incredibly grateful for all the support, the flowers and greetings they received.

There is no longer room for more flowers, so instead you are welcome to make a donation.

Donate to Motkrafts account:
IBAN: SE62 9500 0099 6034 0441 4686
BIC-kod (SWIFT-adress): NDEASESS and mark it ”SHOWAN”.

Together we are strong! Solidarity is our weapon!

There will be a solidarity demonstration in Malmo on Sunday 16 March. Messages of support to be read at the demonstration can be sent to Agnes at acallewaert@hotmail.com