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“Socialism is our perspective, the revolutionary party is our means"

Press release of the League of the Workers’ Left

Wednesday 27 November 2013

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The League of the Workers’ Left (LGO) held its founding congress on 27, 28 and 29 September 2013 in Tunis. The opening evening at the Trade Union Hall was marked by the broad participation of members and sympathizers of the League.

On this occasion, the party greeted and thanked all those friends and comrades who had contributed to the success of the opening ceremony, and especially our comrades of the Popular Front and the Fourth International.

The congress took place in a political situation characterized by the continuing revolutionary crisis that began in December 2010. Although the revolution succeeded in driving out Ben Ali, the head of the dictatorial regime, and the symbols of that regime, it has experienced ebbs and flows which have led to the forces of the counter-revolution regaining control over the state apparatus through the successive governments of Ghannouchi and Essebsi, and then the government of the Troika, headed by Ennahdha, as a result of the elections held on 23 October 2011. This government has worsened the economic, social and political crisis by adopting capitalist policies that are hostile to the demands of the masses struggling against poverty, marginalization and unemployment and aspiring to social justice and an equitable balance between the regions. The crisis reached its peak with the assassination of the martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi.

In these circumstances, the work of the conference took place in a democratic atmosphere and with a broad participation of all comrades in the debates around the present situation in Tunisia, the analysis of the evolution of the political situation since the beginning of the revolutionary uprising and the evaluation of the continuing revolutionary crisis, characterized on the one hand by the success of the forces of the counter-revolution in regaining control of the state apparatus, and on the other by the continuation of the revolutionary momentum and popular protests.

The congress also discussed the position to take towards the political, social and civil forces in the social movement, as well as how to clarify and determine the urgent and immediate social and economic demands of the popular masses and the need to link them to strategic demands capable of preparing a break with the present capitalist system and its overthrow.

The congress also discussed plans to crystallize the party structures of the LGO to ensure democracy at rank-and-file level and the active participation of all comrades who are members of the party.

The congress discussed the position as regards the Salvation Front that was established after the assassination of comrade Mohamed Brahmi. For the LGO, it is by no means a strategic alliance but a coming together around well-defined tasks contained in the press release dated July 26, 2013, namely the overthrow of the institution resulting from the elections of 23 October which was politically involved in the targeting of the Popular Front for political assassinations and the non-respect of the demands of the revolution. Today we consider that the Salvation Front Hi has abandoned these essential demands and failed in its tasks because of the manoeuvres of the liberal components of the Front and the lack of qualitative initiatives from the Popular Front to give a political lead to the movements of protest. Therefore, the LGO has decided to withdraw from the Salvation Front. But it will continue to engage in the social movement and maintain its activities in the Popular Front, with the perspective of building a workers’ and people’s pole, with the aim of supporting and radicalizing the revolutionary process, for the achievement of the objectives of the revolution of 17 December.

The congress completed its work with the election of the leading bodies of the League of the Workers’ Left.