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Repression in Russia

Solidarity message from FI Youth camp

Sunday 11 August 2013

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We, the participants of the 30th Revolutionary Youth International Camp of the Fourth International, are aware of the huge political repressions of militants who took part in the democratic protests in Russia. We are well-informed about almost 30 innocent people who are subject of political trial after the participation in the clash with police provoked by Russian government.

Now they are kept in inhuman conditions, many of them need medical aid, one of them has become almost totally blind. Some of them are left-wing or liberal political militants, some of them are just ordinary people for whom it was the first experience of participation in the political rally. The leaders of the protests (liberal leader Aleksey Navalny and left-wing leader Sergey Udaltsov) are under the trial as well.

We are convinced that responsibility for this clash lies not with so-called "leaders of protests", but with the Russian government and police. It is obvious for us that Russian government did not only provoke this clash, but it has built non-democratic system government, carried out radical predatory reforms of the social sphere, and deliberately prevented Russian citizens from civil engagement during last 20 years. We are outraged by the fact that the Russian government stole the sight of the left-wing militant Vladimir Akimenkov, that it jails real fighters against fascism like Aleksey Gaskarov, who was the most important figure in organization of the anti-fascist movement since 90s and young anti-fascist militant Stepan Zimin, that it prevents 19-years old Aleksandra Duhanina from legal right to education. We are filled with indignation at the fact that Russian government breaks life of many young people who now are involuntary responsible for the misdeeds of the ruling class.

We are sure that Putin’s regime is not solving its problems, but bringing closer the day of the huge mass revolt jailing the best of Russian citizens. We will keep vigilant watch over the current Russian political developments, support our Russian comrades, and take part in the international actions of protests and solidarity.

Participants of the 30th Revolutionary Youth International Camp of the Fourth International From Argentina Belgium Brazil Britain Canada Denmark France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Mauritius Mexico the Netherlands Philippins Poland Portugal Russia Serbia Spanish state Tunisia Turkey USA