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Call for a nationwide strike on Saturday 15 September

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Thursday 13 September 2012

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Labour Party Pakistan is calling a nationwide strike on Saturday 15 September in all factories and institutions against the killings of 289 in Karachi textile factory and 25 in Lahore shoe factory during the last 24 hours. Labour Qaumi Movement and National Trade Union Federation have announced full support for the call.

Close all public and private factories and institutions on 15th September and sit in front of the factories in solidarity with those killed in the fire. We call on all public to join us on this « day of sorrow »

A press conference is called tomorrow on Thursday at 2 pm at Lahore Press by Labour Party pakistan and National Trade Union Federation to announce the plan.

NTUF and LPP organised an emergency demonstration in Karachi today covered live by some media, Nasir Mansoor labour secretary LPP spoke live on GEO on the issue and eclared the factories as concentration camps.

Labour Qaumi Movement Faisalabad called an emergency meeting today on the issue.

We are calling on all trade unions and progressive parties to support the call of strike for Saturday 15th September to protest against the total negligence of the government and labour department on the issue of health and safety of the working call is Pakistan.

This is the worst ever industrial incident in the history of Pakistan, we can not sit idle, we are all out on Saturday in solidarity with the workiers who are killed for the no crime that they have committed.

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World Medias spoke about the horror in Karachi and Lahore factories. Hundreds of workers (and children workers, 289 in Karachi textile factory and 25 in Lahore shoe factory) died because the capitalist needs more and more profits without respect neither security for the workers lives. We send a call for solidarity and condolences to Pakistan workers, members of Union and family workers who died or were injured. We strongly support the nationwide strike on 15th September. Safety, rights and normal conditions for workers is a world struggle, for all workers.

In solidarity

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