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Solidarity with Greece

Support for the Greek people


Friday 24 February 2012

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The Fiom-Cgil Central Committee express its total solidarity to the greek workers struggling against the austerity measures imposed by the Troika and accepted by the greek parliament.

No economic situation justifies the repeated measures imposed to a people in which the 30% has already reached the poverty.

The decrease of salary, the elimination of national contracts in favour of the individual labour contract, the cuts in the health and pension systems in a country in recession from 5 years, began to start an inveterate hatred against a people and shows crearly the failure of the newliberism but also its targets.

The attack is not only cruel against the people but also against democracy. This situation dispossess the Parliament and people of any decision power, and they are obliged to sign a longlife bill of poverty, indipendently from who will win the next election.

The greek case shows that: - we need to re-discuss Europe as it is now and fight for a democratic federal project where people has the power to decide; - we need to fight against the liberism of Eu governments, responsible of the crisis and poverty of entire countries; - we need an alternative where employment and public investments can save the European social model concentrate on work, rights and welfare; - we need to put in practice a real solidarity towards Greece as its bonds are on the hands of the French and German banks.

The Central Committee of Fiom-Cgil engage all the organization in the participation of the European action day of 29 of February with a strong sign of solidarity and support to the greek workers.

Rome, 15th of February 2012