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NPA calls for coordinated resistance across Europe

Monday 5 December 2011

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The French Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste (NPA) backed the public sector strikers in Britain and called for coordinated resistance across Europe. The NPA participated in organising the Coalition of Resistance‘s Europe Against Austerity Conference last month, which was addressed by Olivier Besancenot on behalf of the NPA.

“The NPA stands in solidarity with striking public sector workers in Britain.

Trade unions have called for strike action today, November 30th. They are opposed to the pension plans of Cameron’s government.

These changes to public sector pensions are part of the destruction of social justice and austerity measures implemented by governments all over Europe.

The changes would see retirement age pushed up to 66 in 2020 and to 68 after that; they would considerably increase pension contributions from 6 to 9%, and would see pension incomes lowered by basing them on average instead of final salary.

The government’s attack on pensions is added to the job and budget cuts which are already hitting the public sector. Thousands of protests are planned and this strike will no doubt be the most significant since 1979, hence why head teachers are on strike for the first time in 114 years.

The NPA is in complete solidarity with British public sector workers.

The politics of mass destruction of welfare and social rights is implemented across the European Union, whatever the type of government in charge; across pensions, incomes, health care and the entirety of fundamental rights.

At the beck and call of the financial markets, governments are endlessly repeating the same old line: working people have to pay for the crisis and make sacrifices.

The countries most affected by the crisis, such as Greece, Spain and Portugal, have already seen plenty of strikes and protests.

It is vital that the fightback is coordinated so we can act together at the same time across Europe.

This is a matter of absolute urgency.”

30 November 2011