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Independent Union Federation joins Tahrir sit-in

Monday 21 November 2011

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The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions announces its participation in the sit-in today (19 November 2011), under the slogan “Achieve the goals of the revolution which have been manipulated for the last ten months”.

Change – Freedom – Social Justice

Change: The henchmen of the old regime are still in positions of power at the top of public institutions, behaving in the same corrupt and thieving manner, just as they do in their continuing roles at the head of the National Democratic Party’s labour organisation, the Egyptian Trade Union Federation.

Freedom: The law on trade union freedoms has not been ratified and we fear it will suffer the same fate as the treason law which was sent up to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces around a month ago and which has still not been passed while the law criminalising strikes was ratified at lightning speed.

Social Justice: There has been no answer to the demands of the Egyptian working class for a rise in the minimum wage and pension and for the setting of a maximum wage, meanwhile workers face victimisation and the sack for trade union activism and some have been sent to the military courts.

This is why Egyptian workers, who have contributed to this revolution over many years, have decided to continue towards the realisation of its goals and announce that they are going down to Tahrir Square.

It is God whose help we seek.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions

19 November 2011