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Fifteenth World Congress

Statement of concern on the series of assassinations of comrades

by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing the New People’s Army (NPA)

Friday 9 May 2003

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Last January 23, 2003, Romulo ’Rolly’ Kintanar, a former chief of the General Command of the New People’s Army (NPA) was assassinated in broad daylight in the centre of Quezon City, Philippines. Two days later, the spokesperson of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People’s Army had proudly announced the admission for the traitorous and cowardly act of murder. [1]

This was after the open denial of personalities like Representative Satur Ocampo of Bayan Muna and Jose Maria Sison, a Netherlands based head of the CPP-NPA. Rolly Kintanar had been with the CPP-NPA since its early formation. He offered the best years of his life to the Party and in building its Army. In the early 1990’s, fresh from prison, he was one of the leaders of the CPP-NPA who had rejected the summing-up document made by Jose Maria Sison on the balance sheet of the revolutionary project in the Philippines. And in daring to contradict the official political view of the Maoist Stalinist Party, he was sentenced to death together with several comrades in 1994.

Since his death sentence from the CPP-NPA, he had been active with different economic projects helping former comrades from the CPP-NPA to live normal lives. He even maximized the resources of the reactionary state to help these comrades. He had been helping comrades in the different political blocks in strengthening their revolutionary project of regroupment.

His assassination has just been a part of the series of assassination planned by the leadership of the CPP-NPA and this step was proudly announced by its spokesperson. Within the same month, three more former comrades from the CPP-NPA were assassinated, two before Kintanar’s assassination and one after his death. Before the assassination several dozens of cadres from different political blocks had also been assassinated as ordered by the CPP-NPA leadership. But what is very dangerous is that this order is still being carried out more than ten years after the disagreements had occurred. The assassination was meant to serve as warning of the CPP-NPA for those who have dared to oppose them. The message is clear that political debate and contradiction with them will be resolved antagonistically. We express our outmost concern on this senseless and unrevolutionary method of resolving the disagreements between and among revolutionary groupings and organizations in the Philippines. If this trend continues then it will be the reactionary state which will benefit from all of this at the expense of the revolutionary and progressive movement against neo-liberal and capitalist-led globalization. We condemn the assassination of those who dared to disagree with the project of the CPP-NPA, as we have always condemned the resort to violence within the ranks of the workers movement and the revolutionary movement.

We call on all the revolutionary and progressive forces in the world to express their condemnation of such methods and to exert strong pressure on the CPP-NPA in order to stop immediately this dangerous course.


[1Declaration of Ka Roger Rosal, spokesperson of the CPP-NPA, reproduced in most Filipino daily papers and reiterated in various radio interviews.