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Save the life of Baba Jan

Monday 19 September 2011

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Baba Jan was tortured by the Pakistan security services, the ISI while he was whisked away from jail for two days on Wednesday September 14. Baba Jan is a climate change prisoner who raised his voice for the compensation of Atta Abad lake effectees. He is now facing over a dozen police cases.

Baba Jan, a member of Labour Party Pakistan Federal Committee surrendered to an anti-terrorist court 10 days earlier to face the charges. The police were unable to arrest him earlier despite many police raids on different places in Gilgit.

The Labour Party Pakistan are launching a campaign for the safety of Baba Jan and the six others arrested with him – printing a poster, calling a day of action and launching both a national and international appeal to raise the issue of arrests, compensations and the arrest of those police officers involved in the killing of a son and father during a demonstration.

The PPP government in Gilgit Beltestan is all out to crush the growing resistance by the locals to raise their voices against injustice and its inability to solve any of the basic problems facing the area. Nisar Shah, general secretary Labour Party Pakistan and Farooq Ahmad member federal committee LPP will visit Gilgit to show solidarity with those affected.

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