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Ben Ali has fled, support the revolution underway!

Statement by the NPA France

Monday 17 January 2011

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President Ben Ali’s last speech did not convince anyone. All day there were massive demonstrations, particularly in the capital Tunis, with tens of thousands of people demanding Ben Ali out.

Neither the announcement of a complete change of government, nor of early elections put a stop to the mobilisation by young people, workers, the population as a whole.

Police repression continued.

The dictator Ben Ali who has been in power for 23 years, supported up to the very end by the French government has fled. It seems that he is heading for Paris. If this is true it will be one further proof of collusion between the French government and the overthrown dictator.

Ben Ali proclaimed a state of emergency before leaving. The army took control of the airport.

There is no doubt that there wil be a sharpened fight for power between Ben Ali’s supporters and the army.

The flight of the dictator is a great victory for the Tunisian people

The NPA renews all its support for the Tunisian people and the democratic revolution to which they aspire.

New Anti-capitalist Party


Friday 14th January 2011