No to the coup

Defend the rule of law

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[The kidnapping by police of Ecuador’s leftist president demands urgent attention. It is currently hard to understand the real dimensions of what is happening, but it is difficult to imagine that this is just a local gripe by some of the police. 150 troops seized Quito’s international airport. Members of the Women’s Assembly, whose statement is below, are out in the streets opposing the attempted coup, along with thousands of others in Ecuador and other countries.]

As women organized in the Popular and Diverse Assembly of Women of Ecuador, we reject any coup attempt wherever it comes from. In Latin America we went through decades of cruel dictatorship which resulted in the disappearance, torture and murder of entire generations, which left people without rights, silenced and which opened the way to the advance of neoliberalism across the continent. So we cannot allow the return of coups and dictatorships:

Never again a Honduras in Latin America!

No to the coup attempts in Ecuador!

No to the CIA’s interference in our countries!

We will not allow coups that go against the popular mandate and establish regimes of terror, persecution and intimidation. The Constitution of Montecristi, adopted in 2008, is the product of many of our struggles, it expresses our hopes and our dreams and we demand that the president’s constitutional mandate is completed, that democracy is respected and that our rights are guaranteed.

We demand that the government promotes and guarantees spaces for citizen participation, dialogue and monitoring, and for social control in all areas; above all we urge the present government to strengthen the building of citizen power, which is the basis and lifeblood of democracy in any country, while respecting its independence and autonomy.

We urge the police and military forces not to use the instruments of national and public security or, even worse, use them against the sovereign power which is the people of Ecuador, to whom they should be accountable in carrying out their role and duties.

The working conditions of all the Ecuadorian people, including the police and army, cannot be based on conditions that are unfair or discriminatory; the Ecuadorean state budget should aim to eliminate the disparities that create first and second category workers, that do not ensure full employment or proper social security for both women and men. Special privileges should be eliminated in a country where the poverty of the majority has not yet been eliminated.

We demand that the National Assembly act promptly and with independence in their legislative and supervisory role and open the channels of effective participation in order to reach agreement on all the laws needed to put into effect the new Constitution and ensure a state of law in all of the country.

We demand policies that are coherent with the interests of the people in all walks of life, in all movements and organizations.

Popular and Diverse Assembly of Women of Ecuador

Casa Feminista de Rosa

El Oro Women’s Movement

Feminist Collective

Network of Savings and Credit Funds and Community Banks

The Churo

Wambras Collective

Zurda House

LMGYAI Users Committees – El Oro

Colibri Youth Movement

The Taleguita Solidarity Programme

Flor de Azalea Collective