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Pakistan flood relief work

Thursday 2 September 2010

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Three members of Home Based Women Workers Federation Zehra Khan, Irfana Jabbar and Shahla Rizwan visited 15 flood relief camps and distributed dry food and clothes among women and men in Moro 28 to 30th August 2010 where they visited and met with women and others in the camps.

Sindh Labour Relief committee - which consists of Labour Education Foundation, Home-Based Women Workers Federation, Home-Based Women Bangle Workers Union Hyderabad, National Trade Union Federation and Labour Party Pakistan - conducted its four camps in Karachi and supported three camps in Moro District, one in Hub and Thatta each where people coming from suburb of Moro, Jaffarabad, Jaccobabad and get shelter in different places.

There are a total of 40 camps in Moro and most of the flood victims get shelter in government schools and living in very bad conditions. Three to families live in one room and total 80 to 200 people living in one school. They were not getting proper food for their family. They have no clean drinking water and latrine conditions are very bad and unhygienic. Majority of the people suffer from gastro, diarrhea, eye allergy and skin diseases. Most affectees from flood are women and children. Women are still confined in their camps just like their homes! And busy in their house hold activities and looking after their whole family.

Majority of them are agriculture workers who pluck the cotton from field and get less then men. Women told us in three camps that for plucking the cotton women get 70 to 80 rupees on 40 kilo grams while men gets 200 rupees on that. Majority of them also engaged in stitching cloths (60 to 80 rupees for adult suits and 35 rupees on children cloths) , embroidery (150 to 200) and making rilly (100 to 300) work but now they all are jobless! They said that they had no single thing left behind them they have to build all things from start.

Majority of complaints were same in each camp such as:

 Their children were suffer from gastro, diarrhea, vomiting, skin allergy

 They have no access to health facilities like majority of them said that government hospital had no medicines they give slip of medicine from market and they have no money to buy it.

 No clean water

 No proper latrine facilities

 Less utensils and having problem in preparing food

 No gas facilities: in some camps people contributed and get gas from their neighbors and majority of the people said that for cooking they have to buy the wood which was 150 to 250 rupees on per 40 kg.

 No jobs or work

 Pregnant women facing problems like no woman doctor visited them. In one camp we met with one lady whose pregnancy was exceed from 9th month but due to no proper health faculty she is not getting treatment.


 Load shedding and

 Proper cleanness in the area

 No proper place to live: in some camps people said that the school management told them to vacate the place for starting the session. They need place and tent to leave the school place. (majority of the victims were settled in schools)

People in the camp also complained that the government officer is from Kohrai tribe (mentioned by majority of people in different camps) so he provided all things, UN distributed on 28th August 2010, to his tribe. Majority of permanent people getting all aid but people from suburb were not facilitating properly. They also said that aid provided to family but not according to the size of the family which not fulfill their needs. Government giving them 20000 thousand rupees but it is not enough for them they lost all the things like their home, cattle’s and crops. They need place to live, tent and work to survive them selves. Three people (1 men and two women) said that they have hand to work they will stand on their foot in few months.

Moro Labour Relief Committee is also the part of Sindh Labour Relief committee (SLRC). It has collected Rs. 900000 in kind and cash till date and SLRC collected 650000 (cash, medicine, food, water and clothes). In Hyderabad LPP, Adresh Sath with CPP collected nearly 5 hundred thousand in kind and cash. At the movement we have been doing our relief work in Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta, Moro and Hub Balochistan.