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Russian anti-fascists appeal for solidarity

Monday 2 August 2010

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An unexpected, unthinkable, yet - concerning current circumstances - quite expectable and natural thing has occurred yesterday night. Three public social activists that have always expressed a consistent antifascist attitude and shunned civil indifference have been detained.

Alexey Gaskarov, Denis Solopov and Maxim Solopov had remained in Top 10 users in far rightist forums as main enemies of fascism for a long time because of expressing their anti-neonazi attitude boldly and openly. Antifascists look on them as their friends. Fascists reckon them among their main enemies (and actually their targets). Sometime ago this "Top 10" included Khutorskoy, an activist, Chuvashov, a judge, and Markelov, a lawyer. Yesterday night Alexey, Denis and Maxim were taken into custody.

They were arrested on the charge of participation in events near Khimki region administration. It was an outstanding action on the part of this country’s young citizens that are fed up with bearing lawlessness and impunity of authorities demonstrated during deforestation of Khimki forest for the highway.

Why have civil rights activists been detained? On what account have they been put under investigation? What means of fetching useful information are applied to our comrades? We don’t know. We demand their release for lack of components of crime.

An uncompromised, straight civil attitude have not once been outside the law in history. In Chili. In Nazi Germany. In Iran. Where else has a man become a victim of anti-State accusations for expression of civil attitude? We know, and we remember well.

We demand immediate release of our comrades, consistent antifascists Alexey Gaskarov, Denis Solopov and Maxim Solopov.

You can find a video of this action here