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In Morocco as elsewhere repression won’t stop the revolt against anti-social policies

The FSE demands the release of the imprisoned students

Monday 21 June 2010

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Under the impulse of the World Bank and international capitalist institutions, the Moroccan regime started a privatization process of the universities and attacks against the right to studiy. The announcement of the “Emergency plan” to the university at beginning of the academic year, i.e. of the brutal aggravation of these attacks, put a spark to the powder. The class-struggle trade unionists of fight, organised within the UNEM, are at the forefront of the mobilization against the “Emergency plan”.

As in all the recent student fights, the regime answered by repression and blackmail with examins, brigning forward the date in the hope of breaking the mobilization.

At the University of Agadir, the students answered this maneouvre by boycotting the exams. In response, the regime sent the police into the university, with the goal of sowing terror, maltreating the strikers, stopping the militant elements!

Several students were wounded, the condition of one is serious. Ten students are being prosecuted, and this list is likely to get longer. Five are in detention, in the prison of Inezgane.

The balance sheet of the « democracy » of the Moroccan monarchy, in the pay of capitalism, it is the constant negation of trade-union freedoms and policies, torture, brutal repression of the popular and labor movements and for justice and dignity. The FSE is concerned about the fate of the imprisoned students and assures the militants of its wholehearted support.

We demand their release, an end to prosecutions the students, the satisfaction of the legitimate demands of the students and the popular layers!

Le 18 juin 2010,
La Fédération Syndicale Etudiante