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Commemorations of Daniel Bensaid

Monday 18 January 2010

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Commemoration meetings for Daniel Bensaïd have taken place in Paris, Toulouse, Porto Alegre, London and Lisbon.

The NPA nationally commemorated Daniel Bensaid, in Paris, on Sunday 24th January. See the report here. Other tributes took place in Toulouse on 27th January and in Porto Alegre, during the World Social Forum on Thursday 28th January.

A meeting to celebrate Daniel’s life and work took place in London on Tuesday 9th February.

This meeting was originally planned by Socialist Resistance to present the book "Strategies of Resistance" published by Resistance Books containing Nathan Rao’s translation of “Les Trotskysmes”, together with numerous other essays by Daniel.

Gilbert Achcar, Alex Callinicos (SWP), Terry Conway (Socialist Resistance), and Stathis Kouvelakis(NPA) paid tribute to Daniel Bensaid. Videos are available here.

The Lisbon district of the Portuguese Left Bloc organised a well-attended commemoration with Franciso Louçã and Carlos Carujo on Wednesday 10th February.