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Besancenot Tour Boosts Anti-Capitalist Left Intervention

Monday 27 April 2009

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Olivier Besancenot, spokesperson of the New Anti-capitalist Party in France will participate in a series of public meetings elsewhere in Europe organised by signatories of the Strasborg anti-capitalist left conference.

- On the 8th May Besancenot will speak in Oporto, Portugal with the Portuguese Left Bloc (Bloco de Esquerda).

- On the 9th May he will speak at two meetings, one in the morning in Barcelona and one in the evening in Madrid, organised by the Anti-capitalist Left (Izquierda Anticapitalista).

- On 16th May he will be in Katowice, Poland speaking at a meeting of the Polish Labour Party.

- Finally on 22nd May he will participate in a press conference organised by the Belgian list LCR-PSL which will in turn be represented at the NPA rally in Lille that evening.

A represtative of the NPA will also be speaking at a series of campaign meetings organised by the Swedish Socialistisk Partiet between 8th and 11th May.