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European anti-capitalist left

Our common stance in the European elections

Thirteen anti-capitalist organisations make a common statement

Tuesday 24 March 2009

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A conference of the European anti-capitalist left took place in Paris last December on the invitation of the LCR and the NPA. The organisations that supported the conference have made this common statement.

First of all we want to express our solidarity with the revolt of Greek youth against the killing of Andreas Grigoroupoulos. In these serious times we fully support the fight of the organisations of the anti-capitalist left against repression, capitalist plans and the corruption of the Caramanlis government.

This social explosion reveals the tensions that are accumulating in Europe against the plans of the capitalist and the government of the European Union.

This will be sharpened as the policies of the bosses and EU governments to deal with the capitalist crisis are going to worsen the living conditions of millions of workers.

We reject the EU governments’ policies, which save banks and not people. This Europe is not ours, as was clearly expressed by the NO to the European Constitution in the referendums in France, the Netherlands and Ireland.

We propose an anti-capitalist emergency plan which - rather than then thousands of redundancies the employers are planning - gives the priority to jobs, proposes the complete nationalisation of banking and credit systems under workers’ and popular control and satisfies social needs.

The problem is not the so-called excesses of "financialisation" and improving the management system, but breaking with capitalism and its logic.

In these conditions, and taking into account the particularities of each country, we commit ourselves to building a coordinated and united opposition against the bosses’ attacks, and at the same time to create the conditions for a political alternativeand anti-capitalist pole and which is based on popular mobilisations, defends a Europe that meets the needs of the workers and people, and refuses any support to or participation in governments with the social-liberal SPs or centre left.

It is on this basis, and despite the concrete possibilities and choices of each of our organisations, that we intend to be present to defend this political stance during the next European elections.

But before then we will participate in the big united-front demonstration against Nato in Strasbourg and Baden-Baden on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of this symbol of military imperialism in the world.

The organisations endorsing this statement are:

Belgium : Ligue communiste révolutionnaire-Socialistische Arbeiderspartij (LCR-SAP, Revolutionary Communist League-Socialist Workers’ Party)

Britain : Socialist Party (SP), Socialist Resistance, Socialist Workers Party (SWP)

France : Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (LCR, Revolutionary Communist League)

Greece : ENANTIA (United anticapitalist left), SEK (Sosialistiko Ergatiko Komma), OKDE-Spartakos

Italy : Sinistra critiqua (SC, Critical Left)

Ireland : People before profits (PbP)

Poland : Polska Partia Pracy (PPP, Polish Labour Party)

Spain : Izquierda anticapitalista (IA, Anticapitalist Left)

Sweden : Socialistiska Partiet (SP, Socialist Party)