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Espacio Alternativo conference success

Saturday 5 January 2008

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The confederal conference of Espacio Alternativo, a revolutionary organisation in which supporters of the Fourth International participate, was held in Barcelona in from 7-9 December. Under the slogan “For a Left of Struggle”, members of Espacio Alternativo discussed for three days around the themes of political and social situation internationally and in the Spanish state, and the aims and tasks of the organisation for the next period.

In a good atmosphere of debate and comradeship the conference discussed political theses, a document on orgnisation and statutes, as well as documents on various specific areas. The conference reflected the consolidation Espacio Alternativo had achieved in the last three years. Many of the participants were attending a confederal conference for the first time, discussing with some more ‘veteran’ comrades. Also participating in the conference were the invited representatives of political and social organisations in Catalonia and other parts of the Spanish state, Morocco, France, Portugal, Uruguay and Colombia.

To mark the conference a public event was held under the title of “The anti-capitalist left in Europe”. Speakers included Esther Vivas (Revolta Global – Catalonia), Raul Camargo (Espacio Alternativo), Jose Falco (Left Bloc-Portugal), and Francois Sabado on behalf of the LCR in France and the Fourth International. Francois Sabado spoke about the situation in France and resistance to the brutal anti-working class actions of the Sarkozy government, as well as the project of the LCR to bring about the construction of a new broad left party, one that would be anti-capitalist, revolutionary, environmentalist, feminist and internationalist.

The political theses approved pointed out the necessity of constructing a “left of struggle” that can intervene in contemporary battles, with the aim of giving reality to the possibility of a socialist transformation, in the light of the crisis of civilisation caused by neoliberal globalisation.

The main tasks for Espacio Alternativo in the next periods will be; a) to continue working for the strengthening of social resistance to neoliberalism, by participating in the social movements on the basis of radicalism and unity b) to continue working for a broad anti-capitalist pole of attraction in the Spanish state, that could develop an alternative to the presently hegemonic ‘social-liberal’ left c) strengthen Espacio Alternativo through participation in the struggles, to strengthen its public profile and its political and strategic elaboration.

The conference has set the scene for a qualitative step forward, a new impulse for Espacio Alternativo and its development as a revolutionary, alternative, environmentalist, feminist and internationalist organisation in the Spanish state.