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FI launches new Spanish language web magazine

Monday 29 October 2007

The Fourth International has launched a new Spanish language web magazine, Punto de Vista Internacional. The decision to launch the magazine stems from several considerations. In the first place, a significant part of the Fourth International’s membership and audience is Spanish speaking.

In addition, some of the most important struggles against neoliberalism and for socialism - for example in Venezuela and Bolivia - are in countries where native Spanish speakers predominate. The FI needs to make more widely available to a Spanish-speaking audience important documents and articles that reflect its take on how the international struggle is developing, and how the debates that are developing in the social movements, among anti-capitalist currents and in the revolutionary left are shaping up. A detailed "mission statement" for Punto de Vista Internacional can be found in the article ¿Quienes Somos?.

The newly-launched website includes articles by Claudio Katz, Charles-Andre Udry, Daniel Bensaid, Antonio Gamsci, Piere Rousset, Michel Lowy and many others.

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