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Occupied Bike Factory Resumes Production

International Solidarity needed!

Friday 5 October 2007

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After more than 80 days of occupation the workers of the bike factory Bike Systems in Nordhausen/Thuringia decided to resume production managed in a grass-roots democratic way. The works owned by the American investment company Lonestar had already been to be closed down when the workers surprisingly learned that they should not even get their legal severance pays.

Instantly, they decided to occupy the factory, which they did in three shifts every day since July 10th. The factory had been a profitable business. Yet, the production was ceased in order to strengthen the regional competitor MIFA and to even achieve an increase in profits for the owner Lonestar.

Thuringia is an area in the east of Germany with high rates of unemployment and a low level of industries.

In order to point the way forward the workers brought out a new and very special product, the so-called strike-bike. There has already been an international solidarity campaign launched by anarchosyndicalist unionists, to which there was huge response. More than 1.000 orders from many countries were given within two weeks. However, international solidarity and support for the struggling workers in Nordhausen is still needed.

Bikes can be ordered for 275€ (190€ / stores) on www.strike-bike.de