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SR Books publishes third title - "Ecosocialism or Barbarism"

Sunday 14 January 2007

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2006 saw British socialist paper, Socialist Resistance start a new publishing arm - Socialist Resistance Books. It has now published its third title - "Ecosocialism or Barbarism".

SR aims to publish a series of books each year.

Further information from http://resistancebooks.blogspot.com/.


Ecosocialism or Barbarism

Edited by Jane Kelly and Sheila Malone

Ecosocialism or Barbarism explains that the twenty-first century has opened on a catastrophic note, with an unprecedented degree of ecological breakdown and a chaotic world order beset with terror and warfare.

In this book, socialists Jane Kelly and Sheila Malone have gathered together articles from some of the world’s leading ecologists and Marxists to discuss how the profoundly interrelated crises of ecology and social breakdown should be seen as different manifestations of the same structural forces.

Jack Kovel and Michel Löwy’s ecosocialist manifesto sets the framework for a discussion which is unfolding around the world. They argue that capitalism cannot regulate, much less overcome, the crises it has set going. It cannot solve the ecological crisis because to do so requires setting limits upon accumulation-an unacceptable option for a system predicated upon the rule: Grow or Die! And it cannot solve the crisis posed by terror and other forms of violent rebellion because this would mean abandoning the logic of empire, imposing unacceptable limits on growth and the “way of life” sustained by empire.

In this unique volume, ecologists and socialists discuss how far the capitalist world system is historically bankrupt. Their common conclusion is that it has become an empire unable to adapt, whose very gigantism exposes its underlying weakness. It is profoundly unsustainable and must be replaced. The stark choice posed by Rosa Luxemburg returns: Socialism or Barbarism!

Available from Amazon.com - Ecosocialism or Barbarism


Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads

Articles by Ron Ridenour

SR Books’ second publication: The celebrated writer on Cuban and Central American politics, Ron Ridenour has written a new book, Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads. His books include Cuba: A "Yankee" Reports, Backfire: The CIA’s Biggest Burn, Cuba at the Crossroads and Yankee Sandinistas. A committed revolutionary, anti-war activist, and supporter of the Cuban revolution, Ridenour’s book gathers report and accounts of his extended journey in Cuba earlier this year. It has already generated widespead controversy.

Available from Amazon.com - Cuba: Beyond the Crossroads


It’s never too late to love or rebel

Selected writings from Celia Hart, edited by Walter Lippmann

Socialist Resistance’s first book, "It’s never too late to love or rebel" is a collection of articles, interviews and papers by Celia Hart, a member of the Cuban Communist party. Walter Lippmann has selected and edited the documents in the book.

Walter is the editor of CubaNews, which has a leading role in translating and distributing Celia’s articles into English. His collection contains Celia’s best-known articles written since 2003. It contains a number of recent articles that are not included in Apuntes revolucionarios, a Spanish collection published last year, including an interview with International Viewpoint. It is one of these articles which provides the title of the book.

Available from Amazon.com - It’s never too late to love or rebel