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Hundreds of thousands march against the war

Tuesday 21 March 2006

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Hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the war on March 18, in dozens of marches and rallies worldwide.

The Stop the War Coalition in Britain claimed 80-100,000 on the London march. Demonstrations took place in Washington, New York and many other North American cities. There were also important demonstrations in Rome, Lahore and Tokyo.

The demonstrations coincided with a barrage of critical comment on the third anniversary of the invasion. Right-wing ideologist Francis Fukuyama, architect of the end of history theory, pronounced the invasion a disaster. Robert Fisk, correspondent of the London Independent and one of the most articulate opponents of the war said:

"Even today the occupation powers tell awesome lies. Democracy is taking hold when the ’Iraqi’ government controls only a few acres of Baghdad greensward. The insurgency is being crushed when 40,000 armed Iraqis are ripping into the greatest army on Earth; freedom is taking hold when thousands of Iraqis are dying each month. ’Operation Swarmer’ is now supposedly targeting those who want a civil war in Iraq. Some of the men who are trying to provoke civil war however, work for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, and are paid, ultimately, by us." Read his whole article here.