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Was it a coup? Events at the Capitol

Friday 8 January 2021

Solidarity member K Mann characterizes a “Reactionary uprising against the Parliament”. Todd Chretien of No Borders News opines on “Was it a coup?” while Mike Davis analyses a “Riot on the Hill” and Ashley Smith gives “Quick notes on Trump’s putsch”. Spectre Journal “We Cannot Let Yesterday’s Farce Become Tomorrow’s Tragedy, JacobinThe Washington Riot Was a Defeat for the Far Right, Not a Triumph”. An opinion from the Swedish SP “After the fascist coup in the United States No time to lose - counter-offensive now!”, from Socialist Resurgence (USA) “Mob takeover of Capitol highlights instability of U.S. political system” and from Socialist Action (USA) “Trump fanatics invade Capitol as his presidency disintegrates”. Malik Miah and Barry Sheppard “Capitol (United States): Attempted insurrection fails”. Cihan Tuğal in New PoliticsThe Invasion of Capitol Hill”. One more, Santa Cruz DSA “Seven Theses on the Post-Trump Right and DSA’s Role in the Fight Ahead ”. Finally Dan La Botz “Desperado in the White House: Coup Fails, Trump Faces Impeachment”.