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Lessons from Greece

Friday 18 September 2015

In the run up to the election in Greece, we publish a call by leading figures of the radical left in Greece, France and Spanish state Time for an exit from austerity.

Other pieces assessing what has happened in Greece over recent months and the implications for the left and what parties to build across Europe and internationally: The capitulation of Tsipras leadership and the role of ‘left europeanism’ by Alan Thornett, Awakening the European Left an interview with Costas Lapavitsas, Asking the Right Questions by Catarina Príncipe and Dan Russell, Where do socialists belong? by Todd Chretien, Against the neocolonial consolidation of the Eurogroup - Lessons from Greece for a Europe of social and democratic rights by Catherine Sammary, What can we learn from Greece? by Mikael Hertoft.

Additonally Alan Wald reviews Paul Le Blanc on Trotsky; Between the Power and the Dream