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New features for International Women’s Day

Saturday 8 March 2014

A new contribution on Left feminism and the free choice debate by Evie Emberts and Ida Dequeecker from Belgium. A contribution by one of the significant feminist writers on women’s work today “The Making of Capitalist Patriarchy, Interview with Silvia Federici”; a contribution to uncovering the radical, class-based politics of the women’s movement, this time in the “first wave” “100th Anniversary of The Woman’s Dreadnought, Journalism from below” and “Precarity as contraceptive: conversations on the situation of abortion in Spain” that starting from the current attacks on abortion rights in the Spanish state and the mobilizations against them goes on to reflect on broader questions.
Johanna Brenner, US feminist activist and academic, writes on Socialist Feminism in the 21st Century.