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Political victory for the Barcelona "indignant"

Saturday 28 May 2011, by Josep María Antentas

Very early on Friday morning the police attacked Barcelona’s camp in Plaça Catalunya. They blocked the square, with 300 people or more inside, and the cleaning brigade of the city began to dismantle the camp (tents, banners and so on...).

Their official explanation was that they needed to clean and wanted to take away all the things that could represent a danger for people’s safety tomorrow night: Plaça Catalunya is the usual place of celebration of Barcelona’s football team supporters and if Barcelona wins tomorrow the European champions’ league (against Manchester United), thousands of people are expected to go to this area of the city (and usually there are riots with police and football supporters).

Very rapidly thousands of people began to gather in the periphery of Plaça Catalunya and after a while people managed to break the police barrier that was by that time weak and re-enter inside the square and joined the people inside and "reconquer" the square.

There are some people injured, probably 50 or so. The TV images show clearly the police violence and the nonviolent resistance of demonstrators. On Friday we have called for demonstrations everywhere at 7 pm in solidarity with the camp and the movement. At 5pm, there is also a demonstration against health care cuts that will also end at Catalunya’s square.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) can be difficult because of the football match that offers a good chance for the government to create problems for the camp. Anyway what happened today is a political victory and it’s clear that public opinion supports the movement.

From Plaça Catalunya, Friday 27th May