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Financial appeal

Can you help International Viewpoint?

Tuesday 13 August 2019

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Do you find International Viewpoint, the English language magazine of the Fourth International, a valuable resource? Do we bring you analysis and news from corners of the globe that the mainstream media ignores, from struggles and debates your usual sources of information donít cover? Thatís certainly our aim.

You can check out how weíve approached this goal since International Viewpoint was first founded at the new online archive of past issues here. Like most of the work done for International Viewpoint this was done by volunteer labour. However, contrary to popular belief, running a website like ours cannot be completely free. We need to pay the costs of hosting the site and a volunteer stipend to our regular translators.

Currently we have a guaranteed income of £250/270E/US$300 monthly (depending on conversion rates)Ė and we need twice as much as that to pay the bills.

We are very happy to receive one-off donations. You can donate via paypal here. Cheques and checks can be sent to: International Viewpoint, PO Box 62732 London SW2 9GQ, Britain

We particularly welcome people making a regular commitment because that helps us plan. 50 people paying £5 a month would bridge our gap. Can you help?

These are our bank account details to set up a standing order to make a regular donation:

The sterling account is: Sort Code 20-26-20 Account number 40259691 Barclays, Didsbury, Leicestershire, LE87 2BB IBAN GB30 BARC 2026 2040 2596 91 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22.

We also have a dollar account: Sort code 202620 Account No 58908599 Barclays, Didsbury, Leicestershire, LE87 2BB IBAN GB15 BARC 2026 2058 9085 99 SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22