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Spanish state

Esther Vivas convoked by the police following the action against Catalunya Caixa

Statement by the list “Anticapitalists for Barcelona”

Sunday 13 November 2011

The top candidate of the list “Anticapitalists for Barcelona” was convoked by Mossos d’Esquadra (the Catalan police) this Sunday, November 13, at 18:00, Pl. España (Barcelona).

We call for a gathering at 5.30pm in front of the police station of Plaza España of Barcelona to protest against this completely unacceptable situation.

The Catalan police convoked Esther Vivas, top candidate of Anticapitalists for Barcelona, to answer the following charge: following the occupation of the headquarters of the Catalunya Caixa bank and the director’s office on Tuesday, 8th of November, she is accused off unlawful entry. Esther Vivas’s statement will take place this Sunday 13th of November at 6pm at the police station of Plaza España de Barcelone. Here is the video of the action against CatalunyaCaixa.

The members of the Anticapitalists list consider that it is very serious that a candidate who is standing in elections is charged and convoked by the police.

It is an unacceptable form of repression which shows, once more, how they make the weakest pay the cost of the crisis whereas those who are really guilty, like the top executives of the banks, remain not only unpunished, but are saved thanks to the money the people.

Over and above the obstacles which the electoral system itself imposes on alternative candidatures, the criminalisation of a leading candidate for a peaceful action denouncing the bank rescues which were carried out recently, and which made it possible for the banks to be reinflated thanks to public money, is a step further in the desire to prevent new political alternatives proposed by ordinary people can emerge and organize.

The Anticapitalists list calls for a picket in front of the police station of Pl. España of Barcelona in order to protest against this completely unacceptable situation. The Catalan police has not told us if other activists involved in the action also risk being the target of leagal procedures.

Repression will not prevent the Anticapitalists from continuing the anticapitalist and disobedient campaign, a campaign promoting an alternative voice to the traditional political options in these general elections.

We will not pay for the crisis!

The rich mut pay for the crisis!