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Lucía González Alonso (1947-2000)

Tuesday 3 April 2001

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Lucía González Alonso, a long time militant in the workers’ movement in the Spanish state and the Fourth International, has just died after a long illness. Born in Madrid in 1947, she became involved in the struggle against the dictatorship when she was a student. Condemned to 5 years in prison in 1969, she fled to France, where she joined the Ligue Communiste (then French section of the FI). Returning to Spain in 1972, she played a leading role first in the Liga Comunista Revolucionaria (LCR - then Spanish section of the FI), later in Izquierda Unida and in Espacio Alternativo.

We reproduce here extracts from the eulogy of Manolo Garí at the Lucía’s funeral on December 20, 2000 in Madrid.

"Lucía was above all our friend. We noted all through our lives that when we needed her, either in joy or in sorrow, she was with us and gave us all that she had - her company, her words, her encouragement; her hospitality...

She struggled every day as a communist, internationalist, resistant without a pause even in the face of defeats. She was always present without expecting any recognition, any promotion to leadership posts: in the Fourth International; in the LCR; at the beginning of the feminist movement when it was still ignored by the majority of the left; in the trade unions; in Izquierda Unida and in Espacio Alternativo; on innumerable occasions and in many projects. Lucia was a part of ourselves, that part to which we will always be true."