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Immediate release of those arrested!

Statement by Ensemble ! (France)

Monday 30 November 2015, by Ensemble!

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On the morning of Sunday the 29th of November more than ten thousand people formed a warm and friendly human chain from Oberkampf to Nation to proclaim the climate emergency and denounce the hypocrisy of the COP 21 conference.

Several thousand of them, particularly young people, then gathered in the Place de la République to protest against the ban on demonstrations.

Having apparently been ordered not to tolerate the peaceful rally, the heavily armed police quickly made use of tear gas and charged several times.

Retreating towards the square, the demonstrators were then surrounded and very many of them, including comrades from Ensemble!, the NPA and Alternative Libertaire, were brutally arrested.

Thus, Mr. Valls and his government who welcome the courage of football supporters and customers in department stores, but considers intolerable demonstrations for the climate and our democratic rights.

For "Ensemble!" A broad united mobilization is essential against the state of emergency which violates civil liberties and our right to demonstrate.

" Ensemble!" demands the immediate release of all those arrested this evening.

November 29, 2015