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Greece and the Troika

Popular unity for No! and a complete break

Saturday 27 June 2015, by Stathis Kouvelakis

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The turning point that we hoped for, and which we had started to doubt would come, has arrived. The disastrous parody of “negotiations”, the spiral of retreats and concessions has been stopped.

This turn has taken shape around a simple and obvious word, which has the clearness of a chopper: no to the ultimatum of the Troika, the decision lies with the people.

It is now possible to leave the deadly trap that the European rulers had patiently built to kill in the bud the hope which was born on 25 January, with the victory of Syriza.

This evening [26 June], Alexis Tsipras spoke the language of truth: he finally explained why these “negotiations” were only a joke, a constant exercise of blackmail, aimed at humiliating the Greek people and its government and at trampling underfoot the popular mandate resulting from the elections of 25 January.

It is not the moment to settle accounts. But it is impossible not to mention that the decision of this evening agrees with all those which for months have said that there was no space for a so-called “compromise” but only the choice between capitulation or rupture. [1]

Tthe battle of the referendum is now in front of us. It has to be a mass battle, a deeply unitive mobilization, which will restore confidence to the popular forces and impel a new wave of radicalization in Greek sciety.

This battle can make it possible in the heat of the action to create the conditions to correct the course after five months of stagnation and to redefine the relationship between the government, Syriza and the social movements.

Lastly, it is obvious that this battle will not only take place in Greece. The reaction of the Troika and European rulers will be frightening. The Greek people will be able to come together and fight. But they have a vital need of international support. It is their only weapon against the strength and the violence of the ruling classes, which, we know it, are capable of anything to get their way.

Long live the fight of the Greek people!

Long live international solidarity!

We will overcome!


[1For a conicise summary of what happened and what is at stake, Paul Mason, Economics Editor of Channel 4 news “Tsipras goes for referendum on 5 July”- International Viewpoint.