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Strike at the Antolin plant in St. Petersburg - UPDATE

Wednesday 16 October 2013

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The strike at the Antolin plant in St. Petersburg has finished with a victory of trade union. Management will start negotiations with trade union, there will be no repression against participants of the strike. - 21 October 2013.

A very important strike, organized by an independent trade union, has started in St. Petersburg. The strike started at 22:45, October 15. The night shift stopped production. Strikers are going to stay at the plant territory until their claims are met.

The results of the strike may affect the delivery of components for Ford, GM, Hyundai and other car producers.

Main workers’ demands are wage indexation and wage increase, working condition improvement, payment rate for night work +40% from hourly payment rate, compensation for harmful working conditions.

Confrontation between the Antolin workers and management has gone on for some months. In May the collective bargaining started, but the management led a timewasting policy. In the beginning of September the management stopped the bargaining unilaterally and started an anti-union campaign. The ITUA protested by work-to-rule action during 20G summit time in St.Petersburg. However, two days of work-to-rule did not bring the bosses to reason. After exhausting all peaceful methods and following all legal procedures, the workers decided to strike.

The ITUA calls all brotherly trade unions in Russia and abroad, all political active organizations and NGOs to support Antolin workers in their fight for better future.

Send your protest letters to:
 Antolin General Manager Yuri Fedorkin - yuri.fedorkin@grupoantolin.com;
 HR-manager Natalia Oichenko - natalia.oichenko@grupoantolin.com.

Call and demand to meet strikers’ claims, to stop harassment of unionists to the following phone numbers: +7 965 092 45 37 (Fedorkin), +7 (812) 449 18 42, +7 965 092 02 04 (Oichenko).

Send fax letters: 8 812 244 59 95

Copy your letters to ITUA campaign coordinator: socresist@gmail.com